To Watch

-Stardust – a little sci-fi-ish but I love it. Claire Danes is so great in it, too.
-We Bought a Zoo – I know it may seem cheesy, but it was actually really good. Great soundtrack, acting, heartwarming factor, cute little girl, interesting plot line.
-Psych – as of now (and probably for a long while), my favorite TV show. The acting is rather poor, but it’s supposed to be that way and if you give it a few episodes, you’ll be hooked : )
-The Descendants –  granted, there is a boat load of language, mostly from the young girls in the movie, but I still enjoyed the movie. Sad, but good. Also a fantastic soundtrack.
-Mission Impossible 3 and 4 – a few more surprising picks, but good action and the 4th especially had good comedy
– The Help – need I say more? If you haven’t heard of this gem, you live under a rock…in the South Pole.
-Tangled – I’m a sucker for it. Sorry ya’ll
-Red Eye – my favorite thriller! Not too  scary and not gory. Just suspenseful! Win-win.
-The Proposal – a few awkward scenes, I must warn, but Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are hilarious together.
-Much Ado About Nothing – oh man. Just a classic. Shakespeare movie filled with lots of big names (including Denzel Washingtonnnn. Always a win)
-The Blind Side – always makes me cry, no lie


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