Month in Photos

I stumbled acrossthis blog the other day that challenges people to take a photo a day and share it. I’ve seen people doing this, but I wasn’t really fond of the idea for some reason.
I decided to cave in and do it.
The more I thought about it, the more I realized that not only it will be something really cool to look back on, but it is a great way to be intentional with your day!

Probably even more powerful and more of an inspiration to this endeavor is this video Stephen showed me about a month ago: Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting. At first glance it sounds/looks super conceited and self centered, but trust me. Give it a shot. It’s very beautiful, really. I don’t want to spoil it by saying anything more.

Anywho, Photo a Day. I missed January, so I’m starting with February. Hopefully this will inspire me to get a working camera!

P.S. I am a week in and have decided I would rather take pictures of things other than buttons, etc, so I’m changing it : )

P.P.S. Most of these pictures are from pinterest, blogs, etc. That is because I don’t have a camera besides my phone, so I’ll be waiting to post anymore month-in-photos until I get a new one : )


1: Your view today: My beloved Chacos were brought out in the sun again today. Glorious.

2. Words: Wanderlust

3. Hands: how I spent my day – journaling, letters, dark chocolate with chili

4. stranger: Unfortunately I did not personally see this, but this is the only picture of a stranger that I have…incredible.

5. 10am: Back of my eyelids, thank you night shift.

6. Breakfast: it’s supposed to be a picture of dinner, but I forgot, so I’m posting breakfast instead. Oatmeal with coconut and cinnamon and a spot of orange spice tea

7. Favorite: one of my favorite pictures of me as a kid. I loved our kittens. Obviously.

8. Sun: midwest

9. Front door: spending a few days at my sister’s. So wonderful : )

10. Something you’re reading: A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken

11. Makes you happy: spending my evening with my bestie

12. Inside your closet: since I’m on the road, here’s a picture of one of my favorite pieces of clothing as of late except blue and longer

13. Blue: could use some of this today

14. Heart: my family : )
 15. Phone: my grandma always had one in the front room

16. Something new: Creation Cafe in Indianapolis – SO TASTY

17. Time: slower

18. Drink: I want to drink out of THIS

19. Something you hate to do:  getting out of the shower. Seriously.

20. Someone you love: Well, a whole group of someones – my wonderful lodegemates!!

21. A favorite photo of you: I feel like this is vain, but here’s one. This is one of my faves right now because it shows me doing something that I love and miss and it’s when it was summer and I was tan : )

22.  Where you work: OSF St. Francis, Children’s Hospital of Illinois, NICU

23. Your shoes:  my favorites recently

24. Guilty pleasure: ….kesha. Heh heh heh

25. Something you made: Howard

26. Night: my spring/summer will contain more of this

27. Happiness: My nieces and nephews are just so full of joy and it’s contagious

28. Morning:  this every morning

29. Something you’re listening to: the soundtrack from The Vow [such a good movie!]


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