Hello world

Well once again, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged! Life has been busy with holidays, family, friends, making my new rental a home, shoveling snow, a fabulous trip to AUSTRALIA (blog post coming soon!), and of course work.

Life in a 2 bedroom house all by yourself can be wonderful, ridiculous, tiring, hilarious, and lonely, all at the same time. If I had a nickle for every time I’ve said, “A roommate would be awesome right now”, I’d be rich. And not renting! But in general, life is good! I love being able to decorate my own place, cook whatever I want whenever I want, have guests over (hint hint), and being able to stretch out on my couch – because space is sometimes limited in a larger family : ) And while paying bills is not glamorous, I still enjoy being responsible.

I recently read this article by Paul Angone called 7 Habits of Highly Miserable Twenty-Somethings and he talked about how it is so easy for our twenty-something generation to find something, anything to complain about!

1. Complain-isicm

It seems that complaining, with a heavy dose of cynicism, has become our national pastime. It only takes three minutes on Facebook, Twitter, talk radio, or the news stations to know that if you’re not complaining about something, you’re a bit of an outsider.

We complain about our crappy jobs, the slow Wi-Fi, our leaders in the office and around the world, and the waiter who brought only one basket of bread—the whole night! Jerk.

Complain-iscm has become signature to our society—as culturally cool as deep v-necks and neon sunglasses. However, I learned that the road to miserable is paved with complainers and cynics.

And it is so true! When one person starts complaining, it has a terrible domino effect – suddenly the entire group is complaining about that manager, that waitress, the terrible thing that happened to them, etc. Sometimes I feel like if I don’t chip in and make a small comment, I am not sympathetic towards the person talking or something like that. I feel obligated to contribute to the wailing.

But I don’t want to contribute! Why are we always finding the negative in situations? Are we really as happy by doing that?? Would we not be happier talking about the good things going on in our lives, the co-worker that really stepped up in that situation, the really funny thing your kids did for your birthday, that sweet gesture your husband did for no reason?

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes it is necessary to vent/debrief/whatever after a difficult situation. Trust me, I get it! But move on quickly. Don’t dwell on the situation. And if someone is complaining/venting to you, be sympathetic, but don’t add to the chaos. Help the person move on, change the subject, whatever!

There’s plenty of negativity in the world! Why not brighten it up a bit?! : )

That being said, here are a few things I’m thankful for tonight:

-fantastic worship at church (Harvest Peoria had Meredith Andrews as a guest worship leader this AM!)
-God having this funny way of knowing just what I need and fulfilling that need
-Chris Rice’s Piano Hymns CD – soothing and helps me to re-focus this Sunday night
-warm blankets and hoodies
-a large mug of chamomile tea
-being able to pay my bills
-a hoarse voice from singing in a choir again!

And best of all: a merciful, loving, forgiving God who welcomes me with open arms despite me being a dummy! : )

What are you thankful for today? Who are you thankful for today? What brightened your day? Who flipped your frown upside down?

beach 2

Teaser for my Aussie post! I promise it’s coming : )


2 thoughts on “Hello world

  1. YOU brighten my day….bring a smile to my face! You have a cheerful spirit. I love how you make so many people smile and be happy. I appreciate your attempts to help me look on the bright side of things. I love how you have your Dad’s sense of humor, corny jokes and all! You have brought a lot of joy to our family. 🙂 Hmmmm… You’ve prompted me to go dig up my “thankful journal”….and go fill in some lines! 🙂

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