Um. I have a blog?!

Honestly, I’m very impressed that I remembered my password for wordpress. Very.

Update on life:
-I just moved to Peoria Heights in a 2 bedroom house that I’m renting! I love it! It’s tons of space, but It’s already quickly filling up and looking more like a home. I haven’t had much time to settle in since my days off from work are scattered, but in a few days I have a WEEK off. Yipee!! Pictures will be posted soon! Still waiting on/looking for some furniture.
-I love my job and love the feeling of gaining more confidence in it. Of course, there are the days where I wonder if I really have worked there a year and not 3 weeks, but that happens. I remember graduating from IWU and thinking, “Nope. NOT ICU. Anything but!” And here I am a year and a half later, loving working with miniature ICU patients!
-Much to the joy of my beloved sister in law, Corrie, I finally caved and am going to subject myself to the horror films known as “Twilight”. I’m even paying to go to the opening show Thursday night with Corrie and a bunch of friends from work! Don’t worry, I will laugh a lot and it will be a great time : )
-I have gone to a few weddings in Ohio and Illinois and I’ve been to a bajillion baby showers for friends at work! So much fun!!
-750 piece puzzles of a sailboat harbor are extremely difficult. And it has also been my entertainment for myself since I have no TV and limited internet hahaha

-I am loving this song the past few days. SO good and love love love the lyrics:

And for the rest, here are a few pics of my life recently:

TMNT, duh! These chicks are fantastico!

This hottie got married and moved to Tennesseeee

Visited this crazy animal. And miss her!!

I am also missing this dynamic duo terribly

And would love for this to happen again!!!