It’s September?!

Haven’t posted in quite a long time! Time flies, especially when you work a lot. Not going to do a real blog post yet, but I just have to say:

It’s official: I love my job. Love it.

This morning I got to experience a rarity at my job and while it was obvious it was my first time, I was grinning like a school-girl. I’m pretty sure the nurse practitioner and neonatologist thought I was a nutso, but I didn’t care;  I was on cloud 9. Throw in the world’s best co-workers I work with, and a girl couldn’t ask for a better job!

Thank  you, Lord, for the NICU and for the people I work with!! A year ago I could have cared less if I stayed in nursing, but now You have re-affirmed it’s my calling : ) I lovelovelove my job.