Friday Favs

ImageHowdy ya’ll!

It’s Fridayyyyy! Which for me means a stretch of nights at work, but I’m okay with that. Here are a few articles/blogs/videos I’ve enjoyed this week. Check em out!

A post by Preston Yancey at Prodigal Magazine on this whole “ring by spring” and crazy after graduation wedding season and how his outlook has changed, even while remaining single.

-Here’s a good post at Good Women Project by Elena Pellizzaris about not fitting into the category of the work woman rolling in the dough nor the category of the perfect housewife. 

-Here’s my younger brother’s blog. We are very similar, so I really relate to his post about friends and being intentional.

-I present to you a treat for your ears: The Piano Guys cover Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are on piano and cello.

Pregnant and I know It video- I have a feeling that a few of my friends would totally do this if they were pregnant. I would do it, but not on video for sure haha!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you decide to do any baking, make sure you do it to the Robin Hood Motion Picture Soundtrack Pandora station – you will feel like you are creating a masterpiece!!


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