musings on post-graduation life

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything of my own on here. Life has been full, empty, rushed, slow, routine, and change all at the same time. March was a blur of a month – a few roadtrips to see friends, the arrival of spring (which seems to have retreated in recent days), lots of quality time with family, workworkwork – and suddenly April arrived.

Thoughts I find myself thinking lately:
-I get paid to do this?
-Is it weird to not own any perfume as a girl?
-I love lighting candles…and not being afraid of getting caught.
-I have money?!
-I can buy this shirt full price if I wanted to…because I can afford it (but I won’t, just for the simple fact that it is full price).
-I have time to read…this is wonderful.
-I can watch TV.
-I need to forget my cell phone at home more often.
-I need to exercise.
-I can’t just eat anything I want anymore?? Sad day.
-I think giving gifts is one of my favorite ways to love people.
-I can braid my hair! Yessssss
-How do we take Christ’s example of love and apply it here on earth?
-Am I making a difference?
-How in the world am I supposed to approach this situation/conversation? Am I supposed to say something?
-Where do I start if I want to buy hiking/camping gear?
-How do I say this without screwing it up?
-Why is it so hard for me to stay focused when I’m praying? Why is it so hard for me to pray in general?

[A few thoughts on life after having been graduated for a year]

 I am an adult. I am no longer a college student who lives in a bubble of college life, I can’t have my parents pay for gas, nor am I able to avoid certain situations which I previously labeled something the “adults” would handle. At times I find myself thinking, “You’re too young for this. Heck, you’re only 23.” “You haven’t experienced enough to be able to give your two cents.” But the reality is, I am an adult. I do have to pay attention to the events happening around me, I do pay for gas, I do need to care about this situation and not just leave it for others “older than me” to figure it all out. But I wasn’t really prepared for some of those things. So while I have to embrace all these responsibilities of  the adult life, I often feel ill-equipped for the job. I don’t feel like I am 23 1/2 and I’ve been graduated for a whole year.

And I will say, college was a great place to learn and discuss a menagerie of subjects, light and heavy. And that is probably one of the few reasons I miss college. I don’t feel challenged anymore. I rarely have to articulate my opinions about things, and I rarely have the kind of discussions I had in college, which is mostly due to a different (but certainly still good) circle of people. Plus you rarely have deep conversations with people you’ve just met. Relationship building takes time, and I haven’t really had to do that in four years.

But don’t get me wrong – being an adult has also been great! I have paid off a few small loans, I make my own schedule, I am utilizing my degree (and loving it), I have spent lots of time with family, I have a solid job with great co-workers, my job is very rewarding, I have been able to make roadtrips to see friends, and the simple fact that I am a college graduate and a real adult : ) That is just great to say!

So to wrap it all up, it has been a whirlwind of movement and change in my life since I walked across that stage a year ago. And while there have been times I’ve wondered what God was up to, it has all been worth it and it has all been a wonderful learning and growing experience. And to all my peeps who graduated today: post-graduation life is good. It’s stretching, changing, and difficult, but it also rewarding, fun, and just a plain old grand adventure!

And don’t have schwellenangst:


before thirty gets me…

Inspired by my friend Jill’s post here, I decided to write a “Before thirty” list as well! I’ve already decided to make a “Before 25” list as well. But here’s are a few from “30”:

1. Go white water rafting
2. Go backstage at a concert
3. Travel to another continent
4. Take a coastal train ride
5. Visit 5 new states
6. Witness a miracle
7. Run a 10k
8. Learn to swim
9. Buy a new computer
10. Have a veggie/fruit/herb/flower garden
11. Fall in love
12. Hike a national trial (I’m gonna say Pacific Crest or AT)
13. Pay off loans!
14. Go skiing/snowboarding
15. Learn (re-learn?) Spanish
16. Take a photography class

#4 Take a coastal train ride

#3? #5? #12?

the adventures of turtle face

Last weekend, my friends Tamara and Rachael and I took a trip out East to see our friends Josh and Abbi. Tam, Rachael, Abbi and I had a few adventures in PA, NJ, and NY. It was a fantastic trip – so cool to see so many historical and famous buildings and places

Philadelphia Excursion:
-Liberty Bell (!!!)
-Reading Terminal market and a philly cheese steak
-the original Macy’s with the world’s largest pipe organ [watch this video of the Opera Company of Philadelphia singing the Hallelujah Chorus in this same Macy’s! Beautiful!]
-Mütter Museum – kind of like the Body Exhibit but smaller
[Favorite part: listening to the organ in Macy’s…although the colon the width of my torso in the Mütter Museum was pretty incredible]

Princeton Jaunt:
-the beautiful campus of Princeton University – so much history in those buildings!
[Favorite part: the University Chapel was simply gorgeous with its stained glass windows]

NYC  Expedition:
-Carlos’ Bakery
-Bryant and Central Park – beautiful!
-Chrysler Building
-Grand Central station
-Trump tower(s)
-Rockefeller Plaza/Center
-FAO Schwarz Toys
-Times Square – ate some fantastic pizza and cheesecake!!
[Favorite part: stopping in at a church in the middle of the city and finding beautiful peace and quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of NYC]

Here are some pictures from this fabulous trip:

Philadelphia Macy's - super classy inside!

Reading Terminal Market, Philly

Me and ol' Liberty

Tam, Abbi, Rachael, and I in Grand Central station

Oh, just laughin' it up in Central Park

Of course I got a picture of the huge New Girl billboard and me in Times Square!